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Sloppy Kisses

Hugs, Kisses, Cuddles, Love

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sloppy_kisses is a new community made for the expressed purpose of gushing about your significant other. It will be a tight-knit community with not too many members. I must grant you access to post. Yeah, it may be a little tough...

But the thing is, so many of us out there with girlfriends or boyfriends, husbands or wives, with great relationships, tend often to be scolded in our livejournals for our posts about how much we love/miss/couldn't live without them.

So, to appease our friends and for solidarity's sake, this community was created, brain child of garygetsnolove and talulawasframed


1. This community was created by homosexuals. There will be no discriminating against couples of any type: gay, straight, interracial or otherwise. If you can't handle it, go elsewhere.

2. This community is about love. There is no room for HATE here. If you have to spew out negativity, take it elsewhere.

3. If you break rule 1 or 2 you will automatically be banned without warning.

4. Please keep posts somewhat on topic. Quiz results are OK as long as they have to do with love and/or relationship.

5. Vulgarity is not needed. If you want to post about a sexual experience, please post behind a cut with a warning. Sex is part of love, but if I don't want to read about it, I shouldn't have to :)

And that is all.
In order to gain access to posting, please comment to the first post by filling out the following survey:


Name of SO:
How long have you been together?
What happens if you break rules 1 or 2?
Song that reminds you most of your SO?

After I grant you access to posting, please feel free to introduce yourself in any way you see fit. If you are going to post a lot of pictures, be kind and please put behind a cut. If you don't know how to do that see LJ FAQ.